Stretching During Pregnancy

Stretching during pregnancy (if putting aside the big tummy that gets in the way ;)) can sometimes feel like a fun surprise.

A lot of women find themselves more flexible than they used to be, being able to reach further and get into deeper poses. That is all thanks to a hormone called Relaxin. It always exists in our body (also in men, although in lower levels), but during pregnancy the levels of Relaxin go up tremendously in order to helps the body relax the cervix and ligaments for delivery.

So... What's the problem? Well, in addition to lubricate and loosens the joints and ligaments of the pelvis, Relaxin actually works on your entire body which can allow you to overstretch. For this reason, stretching too enthusiastically can be dangerous, as it may cause injury.

What should you do? Stretch gently and slowly, take your time when getting into poses, and try to follow the boundaries you had prior to pregnancy. This BTW, is also relevant postpartum, as it takes some time before Relaxin levels drop back down.

Remember: Just because you can all of a sudden do something, it doesn't mean you should. Being mindful will help you avoid any potential problems which can come as a result of overstretching.