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Stretching Postpartum


A lot of women feel extra bendy after giving birth. I mean, how great is it to all of a sudden be able to see your toes without using a mirror and maybe even reach them without that big belly in the way??

This is all thanks to the Relaxin hormone that was went extra high in your body during pregnancy, and is still high up in your system after giving birth. Its role during pregnancy was to helps your body relax the cervix and ligaments for delivery, lubricating and loosening the joints and ligaments of the pelvis. Since the Relaxin hormone, which stays in your body up to five (!) months postpartum works on the entire body, it also allows you to overstretch which can be dangerous, as it may cause injury.

What should you do?

Make sure to stretch gently and slowly. Don't let enthusiasm take over now that you can reach further and try to follow the boundaries you had prior to pregnancy. This BTW, is also relevant during pregnancy, as Relaxin levels start to go up during first trimester already.

Remember: Just because you can all of a sudden do something, it doesn't mean you should. Being mindful will help you avoid any potential problems which can come as a result of overstretching.


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