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Enjoy specialized online workouts, designed to support you on your journey. Stay healthy and active, boost your energy levels and feel good during pregnancy and beyond.

The Perfect Combo

Of Live & Pre-Recorded Workouts

So how does it work?

Every week you'll get access to two types of content: 
1. Live workout with Tal, where you can see your her in real time and ask questions - delivered to you via Zoom (this can change if we see a need)
2. Pre-Recorded specialised workouts with Tal on the Reaction App. On the first day you join you'll get the first set of workouts for the week, and then every 7 days the app will automatically change the workouts to new one. 

How many workouts every week?
That depends on the program you're on. On the FitBump (prenatal) programs, there are usually 4 workouts every week, on the FitMom (postpartum) programs there are between 2-7 workouts per week. 

In addition:
Through the app you'll get direct chat access to Tal, for unlimited support. You can ask questions or whatever comes to mind, Tal is always happy to answer and assist however she can.
You can also chat with other participants on the program, share your success and hard moments, encourage and support each other.

On the app, you'll also get access to Events. This is where you'll find the link to your live workouts, or any other special event that might come up from time to time.   

For specific information about the program you're interested in, please click:

Sneak Peek

Which is your favourite?

Hi, I'm Tal

And I'm proud to say that I've had the honor and privilege of training hundreds of women all over the world. In addition to being a specialized Prenatal & Postpartum  trainer, I am also a mother of two, so trust me when I say - I've been there too :)

It is my mission to motivate you and keep you energized throughout your journey!

You're In Good Company

Being a decade in the fitness industry, I gained lots of experience and got to lead workout sessions in major companies around the world, in addition to owning and managing my own fitness studio in Silicon Valley, California. You are in good hands!

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