Exercises For Knee Pain

Having knee pain is a common issue, especially when your body is dealing with overload (hello pregnancy and holding your kid all day long!) and/or overuse (too many repetitive movements at once).

Other reasons for knee pain could be: Osteoarthritis, tendinitis, meniscus tears and more, which is why it is always important to find out the reason for the pain first.

Doing gentle stretches and strength exercises can reduce the pain / discomfort tremendously, by strengthen the muscles that support your knee joint.

Having stronger muscles can reduce the impact and stress on your knee, and help your knee joint move more easily.

Remember: Knee pain is a symptom, and not a diagnosis. Always consult with your doctor to figure out the source of the problem before you start an exercise program for knee pain.

In the next few videos, I'll go through some of the most effective, classic exercises you can do to strengthen your knees and reduce knee pain - with no equipment at all!

I highly recommend doing these on a daily basis, especially if you are just getting started with your workout routine or are recovering from an injury (after checking with your doc, of course). Oh, and they work great also on the couch, when you're watching TV. So really, no excuses ;)