San Carlos, CA

I'm so thankful for Tal and her workout program. It's perfect for my hectic lifestyle working and managing life with 2 young kids. 

San Francisco, CA

I love how I feel only 2 months in. Had no idea where to start getting my body back, I recommend this program for all mamas trying to find themselves again at any stage.

San Mateo, CA

Tal is the best coach I've ever had. She is super attentive to every participant in class, even when it is all online on a screen.

Belmont, CA

Tal reminds (and helps me) smile, and gets my body moving. She's an expert in what she does and there's no one I'd trust more than her to create a program aimed at young women

Santa Clara, CA

I love Tal. Her exercise makes me feel like I can do a lot with my body even though I'm pregnant.

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San Francisco, CA

I can't imagine my world (or body) without Tal. If you are looking for a fantastic pre or post-natal trainer, she's the best of the best!

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Foster City, CA

I contacted Tal, and she went above and beyond to accommodate my needs. The programs are very diverse and I was able to find what I was looking for 

Mountain View, CA

Her variety of methods really give you a great workout - and I felt my back just totally align - felt lighter and more agile. Thanks Tal!!

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San Francisco, CA

I trust no other like I trust Tal with my body, especially postpartum. Tal is hands down the most professional trainer I have ever worked with.

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Dublin, CA

If you're sort of thinking of some sort of exercise during your pregnancy, definitely check out these classes. I don't think I would have felt this good postpartum if I didn't strengthen the way I did before giving birth

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Sunnyvale, CA

Tal has extensive knowledge in the human body, and in prenatal/postpartum so I trust her completely. 

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Lackman Park, KS

Tal is truly a wonderful human and trainer. After a difficult pregnancy and delivery I'm finally feeling strong!

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Plano, TX

I started taking my prenatal classes with Tal when I was in my third month of pregnancy. I'm in my last month now, feeling super good and ready for delivery.

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