Prenatal Exercise in Foster City

Special Workshops

The “4th Trimester Refresh” is a postpartum support and exercise group for moms with new babies anywhere between the ages of 0 to 6 months. 

Each week, you will gather with other postpartum women and learn about different topics like “baby blues” and self-care techniques; gently exercise your body; introspect on your emotions and thoughts; discuss the highs and lows of motherhood in a supportive space; and connect with other new moms.

What will giving birth be like? Will it be like the movies, with your water breaking and a huge rush to the hospital? What about the first few weeks with baby? No doubt you have a lot of questions and feelings in anticipation of this big life milestone. What better way to prepare than to hear real stories from been there, done that moms that you won't find in any book or website! 

Our upcoming "Stories by Moms" event will provide real stories - from birth to the first couple of months with baby. We’ll also include a short introduction for core and pelvic floor support, geared for pregnant women but can be practiced by anyone.

Strong Mama Fitness LLC