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Join a 4-week program for new moms who are in the early Postpartum stage and are getting started to get back on their feet.
๐–๐ก๐š๐ญ ๐๐จ ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ ๐ ๐ž๐ญ?
โ€ข Weekly LIVE workout with Tal, where Tal sees you and give you her full attention, just like in the studio!
โ€ข Access to an amazing interactive fitness app, with Tal as your direct coach, monitoring your every move and making sure you stay active
โ€ข Daily light workouts, suitable for the postpartum recovering stage
โ€ข Direct chat access to Tal, for full support in whatever you need
โ€ข Access to a private in-app group feed where you can post whatever comes to mind, and interact with other participants in the program

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