FitMom Monthly Subscription

FitMom Monthly Subscription

Enjoy monthly subscription with full access to FitMom program, cancel whenever you want!

What you get:
• Get full access to all of the workout plans, and a huge variety of workouts: HIIT, Tabata, strength, core & more
• Short and to the point: Quick workouts for your busy mom schedule
• Save time by getting the exact workouts you need every week instead of trying to figure out what to do next, delivered to you through the Reaction Club App (the app is yours at no additional cost)
• Gentle plans for moms who are just getting started
• Advanced plans for moms who are ready to move into high gear
• Workouts to support Diastasis Recti & Cesarean
• Full chat access to Tal for unlimited support
• Bonus: Access a live workout with Tal on Monday at 8:30pm (PST) whenever you want, at no additional cost

What you need:
• Water
• Exercise Mat (thick towel, a blanket or a carpet are also great)
• Light dumbbells (can be replaced by 2 water bottles or canned food)
• A chair
• Optional: Resistance band & stability ball

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