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Work Your Core!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Try these four drills to strengthen your core! Great as a full workout (2-3 sets) or as an addition to other workouts (1 set).

*PREGNANT? Please read modifications below before performing the exercises. *POSTPARTUM w/ DIASTASIS RECTI? Please avoid these ones and check out core exercises for abdominal separation.

The workout: 1. Single Leg Drops X10 each leg 2. Rotational Plank X10 each side 3. Rotational Boat Pose X10 each side 4. Flutter Kicks X30 seconds Instructions:

  • Make sure to keep your abdominals engaged throughout the entire workout, and avoid holding your breath.

  • Perform 10 repetitions of first exercise.

  • Rest 15 seconds.

  • Continue with second – fourth exercise, resting between.

  • Rest for 60 seconds and repeat 2 more rounds.

How many times a week? I would recommend starting slowly with twice a week, and if you feel that things are going well increase to three or four times a week. You may also decide to start with one set only, and on the next workout increase to two sets and on the next one to three.

* PREGNANT? All exercises here are safe for you, but some modifications are recommended: : 1. Single Leg Drops: Modify by placing your elbows behind you on the floor for support, keeping your back of the ground. 2. Rotational Plank: The exercise is safe, however you may modify by simply holding a plank on your knees. 3. Rotational Boat Pose: The exercise is safe, but it is advanced. You may modify by placing a soft ball behind your lower back for support. 4. Flutter Kicks: Modify by placing your elbows behind you on the floor for support, keeping your back on the ground. Most importantly: Make sure you are breathing throughout the entire workout. Ignore the resting time suggested and rest as much as you need. If you do not feel well – stop.

Have fun!


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