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The Stability Ball As A Tool For Labor

So you got to the hospital, and the nurse asked if you would like to get a stability ball. Now what?? The stability ball (aka balance ball) is a wonderful tool that can help you go through the different stages of labor in a calmer and relaxed way. The problem is that most women are not so sure what to do with it or just forget what they practiced. That might lead to embarrassment or awkwardness of not knowing what to do, and a feeling that having the ball was a waste. Personally, so far I probably gained more than hundreds hours (if not thousands) of practice with the ball. And even me, when I got into labor and was in pain (hey, that's life ;)), at some point just wanted to let my body melt on the ball and stop repeating the exercises I'm so familiar with. And that's exactly what I did. So what's the gist? My point of view in regards to using the ball is a bit different. I believe that the more we are familiar and comfortable with it - the less weird it would feel when the time comes. It doesn’t really matter how you use it, as long as it serves your needs at that very moment, even in the most passive way. When you're in a busy room with doctors, midwives & nurses coming in and out and you want to focus on yourself and zone out for a bit, having that familiar piece that is all yours might just be what you need. Unlike the unfamiliar room and the unfamiliar bed – this ball is all yours and can help you feel like you’re home. It’s a great addition, even when your supporting partner is by your side. It’s just a simple tool that will let you do whatever you want, with no comments, suggestions or opinions. Sometimes that’s all you need so you can just let your body be. That's what I love about my ball, and it will definitely be there for me on my next birth. So what’s next? Hop on that ball and get to know it a bit better! Check out the photo at the top to get some stretches & relaxation ideas. You can be creative: as long as it feels good, it's perfect!