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The Size Does Matter 😉

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Why is switching to a smaller plate better for your diet?

We all love loading our plates with food, right? I know I do! I simply love food. Well, a huge mistake that a lot of us are doing is “eating with our eyes,” meaning: we fill up our plates so they will look good and full of goodies, instead of going for what we actually need.

Having a full plate, let me tell you, is an illusion. It affects the portion size of the food we’re eating, while scamming our brains into thinking we didn’t eat enough if we leave food on the plate. Leaving food on our plate makes us feel unsatisfied and hungry. If we ate the exact same amount of food and cleaned a smaller plate, we would feel great even though the amounts are the same!

Bottom line: Switch to a smaller plate. Cut calories, avoid overeating, and feel full!


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