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Sciatica in pregnancy

Sciatica, or Sciatic Nerve Pain, is a very common - yet unpleasant - prenatal symptom that happens to lots of women (and I'm among them as well!).

It can feel like a lower back pain or discomfort, and in some cases it can and also shoot down you butt and leg, even all the way down to your ankle and toes. Although there are a few other reasons that can cause sciatica, the most common during pregnancy are:

Sciatica due to SI join dysfunction,

and Sciatica due to Piriformis Syndrome.

Either way, in both cases, your sciatic nerve is being irritated by dysfunction in your body (movement in your Sacroiliac join on the first one, and compression by your Piriformis muscle on the second one), causing an annoying pain that often times comes with numbness, tingling, burning sensation. You can have some symptoms or you might experience them all, you can have it only in your back or you can have it down some part or your entire leg. The best ways to deal with the symptoms are: 1. Stretch 2. Massage 3. Move In the following video I'll explain all about it and will show you how to use the three methods mentioned above to help you feel better. Take care! xoxo, Tal


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