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Movement For Labor: On All Four

Movement and mobility during labor have lots of benefits are known to be the most effective methods for coping with contractions. Women often change their position throughout the process to relieve the pain, and the mother's body movements help the baby enter the birth canal in an optimal position. It's important to mention that there is no one perfect position for everyone, as each woman is different and each position has its own advantages. In this post we'll focus on one of my personal favorites (which also worked great to hundreds of moms I worked with): On-All-Four position.

Being on all four (kneeling with both legs and placing palms on the ground as well) provides a lot of freedom to move, enabling the woman to move her pelvis in different directions. The movement in this position enlarges the pelvis diameter, relieves back pressure, and simply makes the woman feel more comfortable. Plus, one of the best advantages of this position, is that it allows you to get into resting pose (in wide child pose) very quickly, without wasting energy or resting time between contractions. Practicing labor movements are recommended from day one of pregnancy as part of your workouts, to allow your body familiarity with the movements, which will then allow you to use them without having to think about it at all. Check out this video and let's practice together!