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Healthy On Vacation

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Vacation is a time of joy and liberation as well as some temporary changes including in eating habits which can lead to additional, unnecessary calories. Whether you’re staying close to home or traveling abroad, lying on the beach or being active, here are some tips to help you get back from your holiday without extra weight:


When checking in to the flight (in advance), you can always check meal options and find one that will better suit your needs. While on the plane, try to avoid butter, margarine and salad dressings, which are served separately. Also, try to skip dessert. It’s not that great on a plane anyway JDuring the flight drink water and give up sweetened drinks and alcohol because of the high calorific value.


There is no better way to get to know a new place then walking, walking, and walking. Take a pair of sport shoes with you and explore the new city by foot. Don’t feel like exploring much and prefer staying at the hotel? Take advantage of the activities it offers: exercise classes, walks along the beach or hiking trails, water sports, swimming etc.


Eat a balanced breakfast - include protein and carbohydrate components that help extend the feeling of fullness. Try to look for the whole wheat bun, and don’t go overboard with the amount of food you order or take at the buffet. Chose wisely: The selection is usually wide, try to go for more vegetables and less pancakes JBuffet? Before ‘digging in’, take a tour around and see the options, only then chose what you would like to eat. Try to avoid going in a circle from one station to the other, stocking every possible kind of food on your plate.


Every time you sit down to eat, remember that you are on vacation and there is no rush so eat slowly. Eating slowly increases the enjoyment of food and causes a feeling of fullness after a small amount of food.


Be sure to drink plenty of water. The combination of sun, sea and activities can cause a loss of extra fluid and may lead to dehydration. Also, sometimes when we feel thirsty, we interpret it to false hunger and eat extra instead of drinking.

But most importantly - Have fun!