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Fruit Vs. Juice

It's definitely tastier and way more refreshing to drink a delicious orange juice that was squeezed ten seconds ago, than pealing an orange and eating it with our hands while getting them all annoyingly sticky. But is it in fact healthier? Probably not. Even though the juice itself contains most of the vitamins and minerals that are found in the whole fruit, the amount of fruit we need to squeeze just to fill one cup of tasty juice is probably three or four times more then what we would have eaten if we had simply gone for the fruit itself. By squeezing so much fruit into our cup, we multiply not only the vitamins but also the amount of sugar we are putting in our body. Remember: No matter what the source is, sugar is still sugar. Yes, even when it comes from a healthy piece of fruit ;-) So before you pour yourself another glass of delicious juice, try giving a bite to the real thing instead!


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