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Exercise & Good Mood!

You know that feeling when you go to the gym after a really rough day, not wanting to talk to anyone and just feel like being mad at the world? And then one hour later – BAAM! You can’t even remember what annoyed you so much or why you were mad. What is up with that you ask?? Endorphins, my friends, the best natural ‘drug’ ever! Careful, you might get addicted ;) What are Endorphins? Endorphins are chemicals that play a key role in the function of the central nervous system. Endorphins are released in our body as a result of different activities, such as smiling, socializing and exercising. They have the power to block pain and control the way we feel, all the way to the feeling of pleasure. In other words: Endorphins can make you ‘get high’! Physical activity bumps up the production of those brain's feel-good chemicals, kind of like meditation in motion. By working out and releasing Endorphins in your body, you’ll forget all about your day’s annoying problems and will simply feel better. On the long run, regular exercise can lower symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, it can improve your sleep, built your self-confidence and just make you feel gooooood! So how about you try a dose yourself?


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