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Do I really need to keep my heart rate under 140 BPM when I’m working out?

If you are pregnant, there’s a big chance someone warned you about not overexerting yourself. They are probably right, but is counting your heart beat the best way to measure your effort? Can we really measure all pregnant women on the same scale if we are all unique individuals? Probably not. Think about it: how can we compare between a woman who has been active her entire life and always worked out with her heart rate at 180 to a woman who didn’t do much prior to her pregnancy and gets out of breath at 100? We simply can’t. Therefore we can’t put the same restrictions on everyone. So instead of measuring heart rate, there is a much simpler test to pass; the speech test. Try to talk while working out! You can have a conversation with a friend or you can sing out loud with a fun playlist! As long as you are able to maintain a normal conversation (or sing like you’re giving the show of your life ;)) – you are good to go. That means you are probably not working too hard and you have enough oxygen in your body. Still worried about your little peanut? He/she is probably rockin’ inside, enjoying your movement, the sound of the blurry music and your voice, and according to research – your little one might even be getting smarter thanks to your workout!


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