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Breastfeeding? Here's Why You Should Nurse Before You Work Out

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Physiologically speaking, you can definitely work out if you didn’t breastfeed your baby prior the workout. However, it simply won’t feel good and here is why:

1. If your breasts feel full, they probably also hurt. Imagine jogging, jumping or doing anything of that nature carrying that extra weight in your bra, and you get my point :)

2. Lying down on your tummy for certain drills will be unpleasant.

3. Not to mention leaks that might happen (happened to me more then once ;))

4. The emotional component: If you just fed your baby, you will feel more secure that your little one is not hungry. Your mind will be cleared of worries and you’ll be able to focus on your workout.

As for your milk supply – don't worry at all! But for that I’ll write a different post.


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