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Balance & Safety During Pregnancy

One of the elements I always combine in my prenatal classes is balance. As pregnancy progresses and tummy gets bigger, the center of gravity in your body changes by moving forward, which makes things a bit wobbly and shakey. Women often times find themselves loosing balance and stability, which can lead to tripping and put both mom and baby in danger.

Adding to that, you also have the Relaxin hormone that kicks in to allow baby out eventually - and now you're also suffering from loose(er) ligaments which make your joints go all over the place.

It seems insignificant at first, but when it all adds up - you can suddenly lose control and fall, which can be really scary when there's a baby inside who can get hurt.

So, What to do⁉️ Work on balance. Make sure you challenge yourself in order to keep your proprioception system on top of things. There are all kids of ways to practice: By standing on one leg, by standing in challenging positions (like trying to perform a lunge with a baby bump), even by closing your eyes while standing on both feet (hold on to something and stand close to a wall if you try!). So you can get creative But this post is also about SAFETY while working on balance: While it is indeed important to practice balance in order to minimize the risk of falling on your day-to-day activities, when you do challenge yourself you should be smart about it and take precaution. Always make sure you have a chair/ a wall/ a bar etc. next to you, in case you feel like you need it.

Keep in mind that the progression of pregnancy is automatically progressing your balance exercises, so no need to over challenge yourself. Standing on one leg might just be challenging enough for some women.

And remember: Although this might seem like no biggie during early stages of pregnancy (like a lot of other exercises that are size related), it's important to practice balance exercise as part of your routine starting the very beginning of your pregnancy. Your body is changing over time, slowly, and if you wait with your practice until you feel very big and uncomfortable (trust me, you'll get there ;)) - it'll be much harder to regain the control you want. However, just like anything else in life, if you take it in small bites - once tummy is big and out there, it'll feel much easier. Got questions for me? Leave a note in the comments ♡