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The Miracle Of Life

Being a personal trainer who specialize prenatal and postpartum exercise gets me exposed to all kind of stories about the difficulties that women experience when trying to bring a child into the world. This also brought me to realize how uncommon it is for other people to know that these difficulties exist, and that our society needs to know and hear those stories, so that women would feel good with themselves and not know that they are not alone. That's why I wrote a post about it on social media, and I'd like to share it with you:

It supposed to be quite easy. A little foreplay (or not?), egg & sperm meet and... boom! Like magic. Or is it?

You see, it's not always the case, and it doesn't always work like magic. Often times, more often than we think, things don't go exactly as planned. So, I want to send love, hugs and lots of good vibes to those who need it right now.

After having a few conversations during the past week I feel it is highly needed in the world.

And to you I want to say: If this magic didn't quite go as planned for you - you are not alone. Really, you're not. And if it took a while until the stork finally paid a visit, like to so many others, I'm sending you love.

And to those of you who did have it easy, who didn't count cycle days, or didn't plan for it, or didn't think much of it and it just happened - hold your child, hug and treasure them, because it is not something to take for granted. It is NOT that simple, it does NOT happen to everybody, and it’s NOT always magic. And it’s okay. It’s only human if it didn’t work like magic for you.

I would like to believe that if more women (and men!) would know that it’s not as simple as we think, then those who experience this difficulty would feel a bit more normal and perhaps a bit better. It really is the MIRACLE of life


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