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Sleeping💤 Postpartum

SLEEPING is key to functioning properly.

I just spent 4 nights of terrible jetlag after a 14 hours flight to the other side of the world, and it was TERRIBLE. I couldn't sleep more than 3 hours per night as my brain was too confused, which led to terrible side effects: I couldn't focus, my reactions were slow and not always connected to reality, reading became a hard task (I really thought I needed glasses at some point), not to mention I had no patience to my children (yay me for giving them every last bits of energy that were left in me), and working out was exhausting after 15 minutes. I literally cried at one point just from being sooooo tired.

Last night it finally happened! I fell asleep at 9pm, and when I looked at the clock in the morning it was 7am!!! And I feel like a new person, YES! Moms, you know that saying "when baby sleeps you sleep"? I remember how hard it is to actually do it. And... How annoying it is to have everyone telling me this over and over again. I mean, every time my baby was finally asleep I felt like I had a MILLION things to do around the house, so how could I sleep really!? But... With time (and especially when baby #2joined 😂) I learned that it's okay to leave the mess and that sleeping IS is more important than a tidy house or whatever.

Let me tell you - it changed EVERYTHING. Our brains need it, when we just simply sleep we can handle everything. Try it! You'll have more energy and all those million tasks you left behind when sleeping - they will become more tolerable and easier to do.

How do you handle not sleeping? How do you manage to squeeze in a few more hours of sleep? Would love to hear your tricks for a better night sleep!


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