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You are beautiful.

A little bit of personal writing, from my heart to yours. The day has finally (!!!) come and I gave birth. I spent a few days at the hospital, then went back home to adjust to my new life as a mom to this tiny, precious creature, again. Funny, last time it happened was only 14 months before, and yet it feels like a whole new experience once again. A few days later I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that the tummy is still out there, my pelvis is wider than I remembered, my eyes are red and puffy from not sleeping or from crying or perhaps from a combination of the two, my breasts are gigantic and hurting, with an addition of milk stains all over the place, and generally speaking: my overall looks is not exactly what it used to be about 9 months and 1 baby ago.

It was a terrible feeling. It sucked. I will never forget the panic I was in at the day of my son’s birth party as the last thing on my mind after giving birth was that I should probably go buy something to wear since I most likely won't fit into the same clothes I had before getting pregnant. Who has the time for all of that, taking care of a new born? I was in my Pijamas all the time anyways, I didn't even realize I'm now the oner of a new size. And there I was, a couple hours away from guests coming over to celebrate our new baby boy's arrival to the world, standing in my bedroom and crying. I couldn’t wear normal pants as they didn’t close on me, when I tried to put on a dress I felt like a whale. Everything looked terrible and I was so frustrated. I felt terrible and I hated my body.

And that is exactly why I want to tell you what I told myself at that moment: STOP. Whatever criticism you have towards yourself, towards your body, just stop. You, your body, created life. You grew a human being inside of you, and that is freakin’ awesome! Think about it for a second. A live person came out of you. You created little hands and feet, you created a brain to think, lungs to breathe… You created a heart. That’s the most incredible thing that anyone in this world could ever do. So please, be kind to your body. Love it, respect it. I’m not saying that it’s easy, I’m not saying that I love 100% of my own body. I have my issues too, we all do. But I learned to accept what is not perfect and to live with it. And maybe accommodate with the correct outfit when needed ;-) But when I look at the big picture, I’m happy. And you should be happy, too. You are beautiful.

So do me a favor, give yourself a brake. And then go and give yourself a hug. Xoxo, Tal

This is me, by the way, a tired mom. With my perfect not-flat-at-all tummy, my amazing let's-place-the-pants-strategically-to-cover-the-cellulite thighs and a few other things that maybe if I don't mention you won't notice. But most importantly: This is me with my very latest, sweet creation.


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