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Inner & Outer Thigh Strength

During pregnancy, the ovary and the placenta produces a wonderful hormone called Relaxin. This hormone has an important role in preparation for childbirth: it relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis and softens and widens the cervix to allow our baby the way out. But, due to the amazing job this hormone is performing, we also lose the strength and stability of our pelvis. It is highly important to strengthen the muscles around our hips and pelvis in order to support those changes and maintain the stability of our joints.

In the next video you’ll find two series: one for the inner thigh and one for the outer thigh. These are basic drills which will help you maintain stability in a gentle way. The drills are also great for postpartum, to regain the strength and to tighten the ligaments that worked hard during pregnancy and while you were giving birth. Repeat each drill 10 times. You may repeat each series 1-3 sets times. Make sure to alternate between sides when you finish with one series. Remember to engage your abdominal wall, to practice your Kegels as you go and to continue breathing throughout the workout. Enjoy!

Outer thigh series: 1. Leg lifts 2. Leg circles 3. Leg pulses Inner thigh series 1. Leg lifts 2. Forward kicks 3. Leg pulses


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