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Scheduling Your FitMom Workouts

My decision to not give you a specific schedule came from my experience and understanding that moms schedule goes from crazy to impossible, and every woman is different. I myself have two boys, and I've trained hundreds of women, both in person and online, to know that dictating which workout you should do every day of the week is just not right. Some days you might feel like you have zero energy (not to mention zero time), and some days you might feel like you can do more than one workout. That's why I am giving you a weekly frame with workouts, but living you with the decision of which one to do every week.

To help you spread out the workouts, here are my recommendations for the three different workout plans:

Repeating a workout
As you can see in the schedule above, it is 100% okay to repeat some of the workouts during the week. It is important to remember that very woman is different, and every pregnancy is unique, and sometimes you might feel like you can do more than one workout a day while on other weeks you might feel like you can barely move at all. Remember: There's no such thing as too much or too little. Let your body and energy level guide you. And, always keep in mind that in prenatal exercise - repetition is the key.

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