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Hi Mama, I'm Tal

And I'm excited to share this amazing program with you!

Let's face it: Being a moms is hard. Period. Regardless to happy moments and to the joy you're feeling when seeing your little one growing up. Motherhood brings lots of challenges with it, and we all meet those challenges in different places. For me, personally, it was (and still is) finding the time for myself. I find myself doing so much for everyone else: My kids, my husband, my work, my house, my friends, my extended family (and not necessarily in this order), that sometimes I forget myself somewhere along the way.

After my second son was born, I went on a challenge: For 365 days I had to create a moment for myself - every day. Little things, big things: like taking five minutes to sit all alone on the balcony and listen to a song I like, or going out for a couple of hours to get my nails done, or meeting a friend that I love and missed. In between, I slowly but surely started to get some workouts in, and I realised that on days I'm working out I simply feel the best. It allowed me to reconnect to my body again, to feel strong, and sometimes even sexy, a feeling that was long forgotten.

And this is exactly what I want to give you with this program:
I want YOU to feel STRONG, SRCURE, CONFIDENT, SEXY, and whatever it is that will bring you JOY.

What Do You Get When You Join FitMom?

Specialized Workouts With Me On The Reaction Club App
Every week you'll get different workouts, where we'll go hand in hand and do it all together. The plans vary in their level, supporting moms from as early as when you're back from the hospital and all the way to years later, when you're all recovered and want to work out hard. The workouts are delivered to you via the Reaction Club app, which is included in your subscription at no additional cost.

Workout Plans That Suit Your Needs
Get full access to all workout plans, choose what works best for you and switch between them whenever you want! That's right: Full access to all plans, no extra cost. All is included. Scroll down to read more about the plans and workouts!

Bonus: Weekly Live Workouts
Looking for a more personal touch? Want to connect in real time? Included in the program, you'll be able to join me online in real-time, allowing you to communicate with me and with the other participants and ask questions on the go. Currently the live sessions are every Monday at 8:30pm PST, on Zoom. Can't make this time? No worries, there's plenty of content on the app itself, and you can still chat with me on whatever comes to mind :)

Full Access To Everything

All Included
All workout plans are yours for as long as you're subscribed.
Full Flexibility
Switch between the different plans whenever you want.
All Moms, All Levels
The plans are divided to different levels, allowing you choose soft workouts for early postpartum stages and all the way to high intensity workouts when you are ready for more.
Postpartum Safe
Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation after giving birth), self care, core stability - all is here and waiting for you for a safe postpartum recovery. 
Live Access
Get free access to live workouts with Tal for as long as you're subscribed.
Unlimited Support
Get direct chat access to Tal for unlimited support on any subject that comes to mind.


More Than 100 Full-Length Workouts On The FitMom Program,
Jest Like These Ones:

Other Plans are:
FitMom Refresh, FitMom Shred and more!
And YES, you can access them all :)

And Many More!

With more than a hundred workouts, each workout plan is different. The plans vary in length from two to twelve weeks long, and no week is the same as another. Every week you'll get between two to five workouts, depends on the workout plan you choose. On the first day you join you'll get the first set of workouts for the week. After that the app will automatically change the workouts every seven days so you'll get new ones. From gentle postpartum recovery workouts to crazy high intensity sessions - you got it all.

Your Time Is Precious
Each mom is different. Some like to workout in the mornings before starting the day, some like to squeeze in a good sweat before going to bed, and others like to do it when playing with the kiddos or between meeting. But one thing is for sure: we all have a crazy busy schedule and sometimes, finding the time to work out is hard! I'm here to make this easier on you: The workouts on the program are short and to the point. You don't need a full hour to get a good sweat or to be efficient. It's all about the quality. Small doses, but good ones. The workouts are between as short as five minutes (yup!!) and all the way to thirty minutes, allowing you to choose what works best for your schedule. You finished and you got time for more? No problem! Do another one, or repeat the one you just finished. 

What else can you expect when joining?
Through the app you'll get direct chat access to me and to the rest of the group, for unlimited support. You can ask questions or whatever comes to mind, I am always happy to answer and assist however I can. You can chat with me directly, one on one, you can send group messages and you can chat with another participant in person as well.
In addition, you also get access to live workouts with me, where you see me and I see you in real time. This is a fun way to stay committed to yourself and to the workouts, but definitely not a must. The current live classes are on Monday at 8:30pm PST (this can change as I see fit). Can't make it? No worries at all, the app itself brings you tons of workouts, and as mentioned - I'm always available to you either way.

San Carlos, CA

I'm so thankful for Tal and her workout program. It's perfect for my hectic lifestyle working and managing life with 2 young kids. 


For someone who worked out maybe once a week to now averaging 18 workouts per month, the progress has been tremendous. And Tal makes it super easy. I highly recommend Tal and her workout programs to anyone/everyone out there! My husband wishes there was a similar program for men because he's seen how much value this program has added to my life. Thanks Tal! 

Lackman Park, KS

Tal is truly a wonderful human and trainer. After a difficult pregnancy and delivery I'm finally feeling strong!

Anna Lackman Park, KS.jpg

Tal is truly a wonderful human and trainer. After a difficult pregnancy and delivery I'm finally feeling strong! I love the personal attention. I can't recommend Tal enough she's so knowledgeable about postpartum fitness.

From Yelp

San Mateo, CA

Tal is the best coach I've ever had. She is super attentive to every participant in class, even when it is all online on a screen.

Tal is offering an amazing service for women and mothers. The workouts are a good mix of live classes and exercises in your free time. 
Tal is the best coach I've ever had and I deeply value the time we are spending together (online, and in real life in the past). She knows every muscle and tendon in the body and she is super attentive to every participant in class, even when it is all online on a screen. She is always super positive and her high energy level is contagious, it makes you work your heart out!

San Francisco, CA

I love how I feel only 2 months in. Had no idea where to start getting my body back, I recommend this program for all mamas trying to find themselves again at any stage.

Tal has successfully curated a personalized fitness program that makes any level postpartum mamma excited for the short workouts. I love her energy and how I feel only 2 months in. Had no idea where to start getting my body back. I recommend this program for all mamas trying to find themselves again at any stage. 

San Francisco, CA

I trust no other like I trust Tal with my body, especially postpartum. Tal is hands down the most professional trainer I have ever worked with.

She helped me develop a plan to work on my Diastasis Recti through private sessions which were so helpful. She also spends the time to make sure that you are breathing correctly (something I never understood in all of my years of working out and sports until Tal explained it to me and worked on it with me).

Fom Yelp


Why Should You Join?

• No need to get a babysitter
• No wasting time on driving
• No circling around to find parking
• 100% energy boost when you see Tal on your screen, that's a promise!
• Short and to the point pre-recorded workouts to fit your busy schedule

• Unlimited support via direct chat access to Tal
And basically... No excuses. Period.