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The Best Workout Program For Moms


Live + Online Workouts At The Convenience Of Your Home

Feeling strong and secure in your body brings confidence, and confidence is sexy. And who doesn't want to feel sexy, right?  I know, I've been there too! And some days I still struggle. But whenever I finish a good workout I feel like I can take over the world, and I want you to feel the same. So let's do this, together.

The Perfect Combo
Of Live & Online Workouts 

LIVE workout with Tal
Monday 8:30pm PST
Pre Recorded Workouts To Do On Your Own

Cardio, strength & core

4-week program, every week you'll get access to:

Why is this the best program for busy moms?
• No need to get a babysitter
• No wasting time on driving
• No circling around to find parking
• 100% energy boost when you see Tal on your screen, that's a promise!
• Short and to the point pre-recorded workouts to fit your busy schedule

• Unlimited support via direct chat access to Tal
And basically... No excuses. Period.

FitMom SHRED  or  FitMom BALANCE?

For moms who are still in the early postpartum recovery stage. Suitable for: moms who are looking to slowly but surely get back in shape, moms who suffer from abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti), moms who are post cesarean delivery.

For moms who who are a few months postpartum or 10 years later! The workouts include lots of fast moves, to boost your metabolism and increase calorie burning. *Not suitable for moms who are recovering from Diastasis Recti or Pelvic Floor disfunction.

BALANCE: Low intensity, great for beginners. 

SHRED: Medium-high intensity, all levels.

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