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Hi mama, Tal here :) And I'm excited to share more information about this amazing program with you!
I've been filming and building this program ever since I was pregnant with my first son, and I'm very proud of the result. The content you get here is based on my own experience both as a trainer (who have been working with hundreds of moms-to-be), and as a mother of two boys myself (who experienced everything you are going through). 

So here's what you can expect from the program:

Live workout with me every Thursday at 8:30pm PST
You'll be taking an online class in real-time, allowing you to ask questions on the go.
The class will be hosted on the Zoom platform, this can change if we see a need.


Pre-Recorded specialised workouts with me on the Reaction App.
Every week you'll get four different workouts:

GET MOVING - Cardio workout
Elevate your heart rate a bit, move your body and get high on endorphins. These workouts will usually include time-based intervals, to allow you to take it at your own pace. The moves are simple and easy to follow, no jumping or running involved. 

STAY STRONG - Strength workout 
Work your muscles and feel strong and contribute to posture and alignment which get compromised due to the changes in your body. These sessions offer functional exercises to support your growing weight, and to prepare you for taking care of your little one when the day comes. 

CORE CONTROL - Core workout
Focus on the centre of your body using different breathing techniques. This is a gentle session that is designed to teach you how to safely work your tummy without hurting yourself or your baby, minimize the development of Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and increase your body's natural potential for recovering from after giving birth.

SLOW FLOW - Body movement session
Most women find that moving just a little bit and in a gentle way instead of doing nothing at all when you feel achey and tired does wonders to their body during pregnancy. These sessions offer you relaxing movements to help you on days exactly, to support you and keeping you moving. The moves offered here will also serve you well during labor itself, and therefore are highly recommended as a regular practice. 

How often do the workouts change and when to do them?
On the first day you join you'll get the first set of workouts for the week (four workouts as mentioned above), and then every 7 days the app will automatically change the workouts to new ones. 

Pregnancy is very dynamic with lots of hormonal and physical changes. Some days you feel really high and some days are more challenging, and that's why I prefer not to tell you which workout to do on which exact day, but to let you choose which workout suits your needs best every day, from the four workouts you have available to you every week. You would still be limited to your weekly workouts, but this means that you can choose the order of the workouts, you can choose to skip one if you that's what is your body telling you, and you can also repeat a workouts more than once during the week. Listening to youse body is the main key.

After five weeks and twenty different workouts, the program will come to an end and then you'll start again. This repetition was created on purpose and after gaining lots of experience from teaching hundreds of hours of in-person classes. During pregnancy, we are not looking to tackle the body with new things all the time and go break world records, on the contrary: The repetition is what gives you the opportunity to deeply understand the exercises, to execute them better and better, and to keep you and your baby safe and healthy. The increase in challenge happens on its own, as your body is growing and changing tremendously from one month to the next. Therefore repeating a workout five weeks after you've completed it last would feel completely different and will give your body exactly what it needs during this time in your life.

What else can you expect when joining?
Through the app you'll get direct chat access to me and to the rest of the group, for unlimited support. You can ask questions or whatever comes to mind, I will always happy to answer and assist however she can. You can chat with me directly, one on one, you can send group messages and you can chat with another participant in person as well.


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