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Online Prenatal Workouts At The Convenience Of Your Home

Hi Mama, I'm Tal

And I'm excited to share this amazing program with you!

I've been filming and building this program ever since I was pregnant with my first son, and I'm very proud of the result. The content you get here is based on my own experience both as a trainer (working with hundreds of moms-to-be), and as a mother of two boys myself (experiencing everything you are going through). 

What Do You Get When You Join FitBump?

Specialized Workouts With Me On The Reaction Club App
Every week you'll get different workouts, where we'll go hand in hand and do it all together. And, In most of these workouts I am pregnant myself! So trust me when I say - I know how it feels :) .  The workouts are delivered to you via the Reaction Club app, keeping you focused and on track. The app is included in your subscription and is 100% ads free. No in-app purchases, and that's a promise.

Workout Plans That Suit Your Needs
Get full access to all three workout plans, choose what works best for you and switch between them whenever you want! That's right: Full access to all plans, no extra cost. All is included. Scroll down to read more about the plans and workouts!

Full Support
Send me a message via the app, DM me of Facebook or shoot me an email whenever you want with any question or concert. In addition, get full access to a group chat for participants only via the app, where you can communicate with other expecting mamas about anything! 

Full Access To Everything

All Included
All workout plans are yours for as long as you're subscribed.
Full Flexibility
Switch between the different plans whenever you want.
Prenatal Safe
All plans are safe for all stages of pregnancy. It's always good to check out the recommendations of each plan and to listen to your body as the workouts might feel different as your pregnancy progresses.
Unlimited Support
Get direct chat access to Tal for unlimited support on any subject that comes to mind.

The Workout Plans

Third Trimester

Learn More
First, Second & Third Trimester
Learn More
First & Second Trimester

Learn More

More About The Plans
The plans are four-five weeks long (depends which one), and offer more than 30 different workout videos, including: Cardio, strength, core, mobility, breathing techniques and mobility for birth. Every week you'll get between four to six workouts, depends on the workout plan you choose. All plans are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and for all levels, however are recommended on different stages as you can see above.

Your Body Is The Boss
Pregnancy is very dynamic with lots of hormonal and physical changes. Some days you feel really high and some days are more challenging, and that's why I prefer not to tell you exactly which workout to do on which exact day, but to let you choose which workout suits your needs best every day, from the workouts you have available to you during the week. I recommend that you stick to the plan you choose, but you can definitely skip a workout if you that's what your body is telling you, you can repeat a workout more than once during the week. Listening to youse body (and your doctor) is the number one rule.

Repetition Is The Key
After four or five weeks (and lots of different workouts!), the plan will come to an end. At this point you can choose a different plan, or you can repeat the same one again. The plans are all different but with some elements that repeat themselves. This repetition was created on purpose and after gaining lots of experience from teaching hundreds of hours of in-person classes, working with lots of pregnant women. During pregnancy, we are not looking to tackle our body with new things all the time and go break world records, on the contrary: The repetition is what gives you the opportunity to deeply understand the exercises, to execute them better and better, and to keep you and your baby safe and healthy. The increase in challenge happens on its own, as your body is growing and changing tremendously from one month to the next. Therefore repeating a workout five weeks after you've completed it last would feel completely different and will give your body exactly what it needs during this time in your life.

What else can you expect when joining?
You'll get full chat access to both to me and to other participants. You can interact with other mamas and with me as much as you want and you can ask questions or whatever comes to mind. I am always happy to answer and assist however I can, and if you feel you need me for 1:1 assistance - you can DM me on Facebook or via email.

Plano, TX

I started taking my prenatal classes with Tal when I was in my third month of pregnancy. I'm in my last month now, feeling super good and ready for delivery.

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Santa Clara, CA

I love Tal. Her exercise makes me feel like I can do a lot with my body even though I'm pregnant.

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Mountain View, CA

Her variety of methods - balls, really give you a great workout - and I felt my back just totally align - felt lighter and more agile. Thanks Tal!!

From Yelp

Dublin, CA

If you're sort of thinking of some sort of exercise during your pregnancy, definitely check out these classes. I don't think I would have felt this good postpartum if I didn't strengthen the way I did before giving birth

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Why Should You Join?

• 100% energy boost when you see Tal on your screen (that's a promise!)
• Control weight gain & minimize pregnancy's aches and discomforts
• Learn to protect your abs from Abdominal Separation
• Prepare your body for giving birth

And Also...
• Pre-recorded workouts to fit your busy schedule
• No wasting time on driving or circling around to find parking

• Unlimited support and direct access to Tal
And basically... The best. Prenatal. Experience. Ever. Period.

You'll need:
• Water
• Exercise Mat (thick towel or blanket are perfect!)
• A chair

• A pillow
• Light dumbbells (can be replaced by 2 water bottles or canned food)
• Resistance band (optional)
• Stability Ball (optional)

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